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Datascan can program any combination of fonts, electronic forms, barcodes,
logos and signatures on to a plug-in device.

also Canon, Xerox, Lexmark


DIMM module - suitable for mono printers:

HP LaserJet 1200/1300

HP LaserJet 2100/2200/2300 (all models)
HP LaserJet 4000 (all models)
HP LaserJet 5000 (all models)
HP LaserJet 8000 (all models)
HP LaserJet 9000 (all models)

HP LaserJet DIMM module.

SIMM module
- suitable for:

HP LaserJet 4 / 4P / 4 Plus / 4Si / 4V (all models)
HP LaserJet 5 / 5P / 5M / 5N / 5Si (all models)
HP LaserJet 6P (all models)

HP LaserJet SIMM module.


Cartridges - suitable for:

Canon I / Canon II
HP LaserJet 2 (most models)
HP LaserJet 3 (most models)

HP LaserJet cartridge

Cards - suitable for:

Kyocera FS-Series 1800/1900/3800/3900
Kyocera F-Series 1500/1700/3500/3600
Canon III/IV
Xerox 45xx

CF Card for Kyocera FS1800/1900/3800/3900

Kyocera / Xerox Jeida Card for Kyocera FS1500/1700/3500/3700 etc and for Xerox 45xx printers


Canon III/IV Card.

Kyocera F-Series Bee-Card..

What is EASi-STORE?

It is a plug-in device for any page printer with a parallel port, which allows the permanent storage of any combination of fonts, forms, barcodes, logos and signatures. This feature can now be made available to printers which cannot use an internal plug-in device.

Easi-Store Standard (left) and mini parallel devices

What are the advantages of using EASi-STORE?

· Reduce network traffic - no downloading means no bottleneck!
· Increase printing speed - fonts & logos don't have to be manually downloaded.
· Ease of installation - simply plug the unit into your printer's parallel port.
· Compatibility - especially suitable for printers that cannot utilise plug-in devices.
· Ease of use - virtually no training required.
· Permanent installation - fonts & logos are always available.

What can I store on the EASi-STORE?

· Fonts - your company's standard or foreign typefaces.
· Forms - letterheads, fax header, invoices and order forms.
· Barcodes - EPOS, warehousing, manufacturing and tracking.
· Symbols - euro and accreditation symbols.
· Logos - corporate branding.
· Signatures - automation for mailshots.

How does EASi-STORE work?

The unit will work on almost any page printer with a parallel connection. The data is downloaded from the unit to the printer at power-on. If the printer's memory should be cleared during operation then a push button can be used to download on-demand.
The unit provides direct connection to the printer with its own input parallel port, although data can be sent to the printer via any interface (Serial, LocalTalk or Network).


Prices quoted are for the device itself. Final costs will depend
on how many fonts/logos signatures/forms are required.
For a detailed quotation please call/fax/email us.




Hewlett-Packard LaserJet

190 (US$300) each Available in 512k capacity only.
Hewlett-Packard LaserJet
190 (US$300) each Available in 512k capacity only.
Oce 9200 MINI
190 (US$300) each Available in 512k capacity only.
Almost every other PCL4/5 printer ever made! STANDARD
190 (US$300) each Available in 512k capacity only.

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