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Datascan Digital forms can save you money!

Imagine never having to use pre-printed stationery again... You can have your laser printer print your letterheads, invoices and other forms on to blank paper stock.
When details change (you move office, take on new partners etc.) no
more is paper wasted; your digital forms are changed and you continue printing on to blank stock.

In conjunction with our digital typeface facilities, digitisation service and
printer expertise, offers the premier forms design service. All Datascan
forms are designed and optimized for your specific printer, thus minimizing the forms download and print time. Some software forms design packages produce forms 1.5Mb in size, whereas Datascan's version of the same form can be as little as 25Kb! We have produced electronic forms for many hundreds of companies, allowing them to keep costs down and appearances up!

If you have one of the following printers then you can download a file
which will enable you to see what can do for you!

HP LaserJet 4/5/6/4000/5000/8000/9000 (any models)
or any PCL5e-compatible printer (600dpi minimum)

Contact us for details of pricing and turnaround.

Click here to download a ZIP file (83k) which contains
the demo and instructions for its use.