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The Intelligent Bar Code DIMM or SIMM for Hewlett-Packard
LaserJet printers.
This is a user-installable module adding
sophisticated bar code printing capabilities to the following
Hewlett-Packard LaserJet models:

LaserJet 4 / 4P / 4 Plus / 4Si / 4V
LaserJet 5 / 5P / 5M / 5N / 5Si
LaserJet 6P
LaserJet 2100
LaserJet 1200/1300/2200/2300
LaserJet 4000, 4050, 4100, 4200
LaserJet 5000 series
LaserJet 8000 series
LaserJet 9000 series
LaserJet 2400 series
LaserJet P3005 series
LaserJet 2015 series
(This list is correct as of April 2009)

Symbologies Supported

2D symbologies (only on later models - contact us for more information)
UPS Maxicode
Data Matrix

1D symbologies
UPC-A (plus 2 & 5 digit supplements)
UPC-E (plus 2 & 5 digit supplements)
EAN/JAN-8 (plus 2 & 5 digit supplements)
EAN/JAN-13 (plus 2 & 5 digit supplements)
Code 3-of-9 (plus check digit)
Danish Postal 3-of-9
French Postal 3-of-9
Code 3-of-9 extended (plus check digit)
Interleaved 2-of-5 (plus check digit)
Industrial 2-of-5 (plus check digit)
Matrix 2-of-5 (plus check digit)
Code 128 (Codesets A, B, C - encoding data in the shortest form)
EAN 128
UCC 128
German 25 Postal Barcode
Codabar/Monarch (plus check digit)
Code 9-of-3
Code 9-of-3 extended
MSI Plessey (+ mod 10, two mod 10, mod 11 & mod 10 check digit)
ZIP +4 Postnet 5
ZIP +4 Postnet 9
USPS Tray Barcode
USPS 'Zebra' Barcode
USPS Sack Barcode
Australia Post 4 State Barcode

Additional Fonts

Euro and other currency symbols
- selection of styled euro symbols.

Manufacturing and Safety symbols - selection of WingDing characters.

Electronics and Safety symbols - useful selection of warning symbols

Please note - the Manufacturing and Electronics symbols are not
available on the BarSIMM for HP LaserJet 4 / 4 Plus / 4Si / 4P / 4V
for technical reasons.

Human readable characters

The BarDIMM supports many different styles and position of
human-readable characters including:

6 different typeface styles (Courier, Letter Gothic, Univers,
Univers Condensed, CG Times & OCR-B).

Automatic or user-defined point size.

Regular, Bold, Italic or Bold Italic styles.

Barcode Size

The size of bar codes is fully configurable with the BarDIMM. Height may be
selected via point size from 4 point up to 999 point.

The width of individual elements (bar widths and space widths) is fully
definable in 600 dots to the inch measurements.

All bar codes have default values so can be used straight away.

Error Checking

The BarDIMM has built in error-checking for invalid characters and incorrect
number of digits.

Pricing & Distribution

Please contact us for latest pricing and a detailed quotation. The units are
dispatched from our offices in London, England. Appropriate carriage
charges will be added.

Please note, if you want to use Code 39 or Codabar, a cheaper solution may
be to use a Datascan Custom Eprom DIMM, SIMM or Cartridge - see our main
section on barcodes. If you are using a symbology other than Code 39 or
Codabar and you are willing to do a little programming (following our
worked-through examples), then this may also be a better solution for you.